March 2005, Pipeline Chute, Snowbird, Utah - Ski
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I have been wanting to do this chute from top to bottom for almost 15 years.
I've done it from the bottom in the summer, but never from the very top in the winter.
Last year, when the conditions looked perfect, patrol closed it for slide danger the morning we planned to ski it.
We had to hike right on by and take a different chute down.
Not today...

Pic from June of '04 shows one of our summer hiking routes.
Today, March 5th, we started appx below the 5th dash from the left.

It is a long, exposed climb--much easier when there's this much snow.

Looking into Snowbird from the top of 'West Twin', elevation 11,489 feet.

The approach from the top of West Twin is steep and exposed to cliffs on all three faces. There is no bailout.

The speck we're all looking at is a field mouse that struggled hundreds of feet up the chute. A few running steps backward
for every push forward, but doggone if it didn't make it. We cheered when it crested the top and scurried on its way.

This shot gives a little perspective to what we're skiing.
The little dots at the top center and at the left of the photo are skiers.

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