Jan, Stein Eriksen, and me at Deer Valley; site of this years' 2002 Utah Winter Olympics
Legendary Stein Eriksen talking about this years' 2002 Olympics and the Utah Winter Games
Stein thoroughly enjoys his role in the Utah Winter Games. I reminded Stein that he had awarded a slalom competition silver medal to my daughter ReAnne a few years back.
Stine Ericksen thoroughly enjoys his role in the Utah Winter Games

...with Donna Weinbrecht at Hood To Ron and Donna at Hood

To 1st Stein Ericksen Pic .. 1st Stein Eriksen pic

In his mid-seventies and unbelievable!
Before carrying a camera became second nature to me, I missed a lot of fun photo ops over the years.
What are the odds of meeting some of these people more than once- Steve Young, Jonny Moseley, Rob Lowe, Christie Brinkley, Neil Diamond, David Crosby, Karl Malone, Alexander Godunov, Scott Glenn, Patrick Duffy, Pat Morita (wax on-wax off), Olivia Newton John, Victoria Principal, Wayne Rogers (M.A.S.H.), Paul Reiser and several others? Pretty slim, I'm thinking....
If I'd taken all those pictures, I could have been like "Where's Waldo?"

Photo by SondraAlexander Gudonov

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