Stein Eriksen, Jan, and me - Winter 2002
Legendary Stein Eriksen taking a ski break to let us record the moment
Funny Stein story: One beautiful sunny day, a few years before formally meeting Stein, I was skiing behind him on upper Perserverance road at Deer Valley. I dropped off the road, swooped down into the bowl to get some speed and launched back onto the cat track a few hundred feet below where I had last seen him. As I landed on the road, Stein laid this big arc around me as he whizzed by and yelled in his cool Norwegian accent, "Niiize joump!" I was so proud....
Stine Erickson skis a big arc around me

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To Ron and Kristen Ulmer ...with Kristen at the Bird

Skiing's best ambassador

Me, Stein, and Jan                                                                                                                                                                                          Photo by Sondra

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