Skiing Snowbird, Utah's "Pipeline Bowl" 4th of July 2001Utah
It's 104 degrees in the Salt Lake Valley, but still in the 70's here at almost 11,000 feet.
Scott Taylor and Ron celebrated Independence Day the most independent way they know--by refusing to acknowledge the calendar.
"It ain't over till we say it's over!"

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Completely broken binding And we're off! Hey! This stuff turns great!

Scott realizes it's more fun than he thought it would be I don't even want to stop to take pictures

Watch out for 'Out of area' signs--you might ski over them! The pause that refreshes!

These three photos below were in the news
These three trip photos of Scott, Ron, and a twister
were on the news later that night :

Scottie in the news The TV stations and newspaper ran these photos Weathermen loved this one - What the!!??

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