Nov 2004, More Early Season Skiing in Utah - Ski
World Record Ski Streak--Most continuous weeks AND months of downhill skiing ever recorded ©

Nov: The surprises continue with Snowbird's earliest opening ever and a very solid snowpack in the Cottonwoods.
(The Bird opened on November 5th, 2004, much to the delight of thousands.)

"Sherpa's" brother skinning to East American Fork Twin at the Bird.

Photo by "Sherpastyle"

...and on Sinner's Pass.

Photo by "Sherpastyle"

"Trackhead's" tracks on 'Pine

Photo by "Trackhead"

"Trackhead" on Whitepine Knob

Photo by "Trackhead"

The man who's usually behind the camera gets captured in front for once-

Photo by "Lumpy"

"Lumpy" remembering there's more to life than real estate least his helmet and glove are somewhat visible...

Photo by "GT40"

Alta's highly anticipated new Collins Quad opener on the 26th.

November 28th powder day: one of so many incredible days this season.

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