Memorial Day Skinning Up Alta '04 - Ski
World Record Ski Streak--Most continuous weeks AND months of downhill skiing ever recorded ©
'Mountain Animal George' and I decided if the chairs couldn't take us to the snow this Memorial Day,
we'd take ourselves to it. (A climb like this is a stroll to George--he can motor from the parking lot
to the top of Germ in a little more than 45 minutes. When he's not skiing or biking,
you can find him spending hours on his stairclimber with a 50 pound backpack.)

George logged a ton of days this season, but none at a resort.

There were lots of others on the mountain this morning.
I tried to communicate with this guy, but he was either mute, deaf,
or enjoying his solitude too much to acknowledge us.

The bottom of the soon-to-be-gone Alta Germania chair. They've already torn out the chairs, cables, and bullwheel.

From the top of Germania

Here George is negotiating some avi debris below "Dog Leg."

My camera spazzed out on George, so this was the only usable photo he snapped of me.

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