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We didn't know it when we set out this morning, but we would end up
hiking and bootpacking more than 6,000 vertical feet today.

Our plan was to hike and bootpack 3,000 vert on the Peruvian side and then ski over to Pipeline Bowl...
That was a bad plan. We ended up having to HIKE DOWN to Pipeline Bowl from the top of Hidden Peak
because the snow was gone. From there we bootpacked and toe-kicked up Pipeline.

Pipeline Chute is the angled chute high above Pipeline Bowl.
It continuously slides into the bowl, creating deep layers of dense pack which last well into summer.
The chute is the longest slope of its kind in the Alta-Bird area.
It is far steeper than it looks in this photo and only open a handful of days during the season.
People have died here.

The road far below Scott (in the left background) is Snowbird's "Road to Provo" at about the 10,600ft elevation.
Pipeline is not lift-served and is out-of-bounds most of the winter.

Scott just passed the last dangerous bit where the chute curves. Fall on this frozen stuff and you don't stop until you slam into the rocks...

Shooting out spray in the lower part of the chute where the snow has softened.

Scotty scooting on by me. The canyon road can be seen at the right of the photo.

Our tracks can faintly be seen in the bowl. After skiing the chute and bowl, we hiked back up to Hidden Peak to ride the tram down.

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