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It's been five years since I've been able to ski Utah in August. Since the snow is often melted by then, I'll usually ski an Oregon volcano in August. It was a nice treat to finally ski Little Cottonwood Canyon in late summer again.

The snow's NOT the greatest this time of year, but it's the only August skiing I've had in Utah since 1999. The other years I simply go ski Hood.

This was an occasion worth celebrating so I broke out the fizzy Perrier.

My turns aren't showing up too well in this chop.

One of the many cuts, scrapes, and scratches from today's adventures. It was worth it.

This incredible view is on my drive from Dubois to Jackson Hole.

How would it be to live in a town where the elevation is several times the population.

....and the Tetons have received their termination dust.

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